Welcome to my blog and thank you for coming! I want to share with you what my blog is about and also a little bit of who I am and why I’m writing this blog in the first place.

As of now, I am a 24-year old man with an immense passion for the written word. My age will change but my passion will not. I am a deeply spiritual person with a strong connection to nature and animals. Admittedly, a bit of an oddball but even my oddities have their charms… I hope. I am very interested in large concepts and love to explore the endless mysteries of life. I have an insatiable desire to learn all that I can and feel a deep sense of duty to share what I learn. Granted, I know very little, but I will share what I have come to know all the same.

I decided to write this blog because I have seen so many great, unique people who have chosen, whether consciously or unconsciously, to live an average, unfulfilled life. This upset me tremendously and for a long time all I did was feel bad about it and about myself because I was also one of these people. I finally decided that enough was enough, that I had the power to add value to my life and in turn, remind these struggling people of their own value. This blog is a part of that mission.

If you are feeling unfulfilled or that you have little to no direction in life, I believe this blog can help you. I post a new blog once every week so you can always turn to me when you feel you need some guidance or reassurance.

The intention of this blog is to remind people of the power they contain within themselves. Going through day-to-day life in this society can often drain you of your inner power and make you forget your deepest passions, desires and reason for being here in the first place. I am here to reawaken your dampened spirit. I have dedicated myself to ensuring that when people read my blog posts, they remember how much power they have and are reinvigorated to do something great with that power.

The beauty of this notion is, everybody has this greatness within them and everybody has a unique way of sharing it because everybody is unique! So, not only do you have this amazing power within you, but the way you share it, or the way you use it, is totally and completely unique to you! We need you to share what you know because you’re the only one who can!

I love exploring the minds of other people and discovering new ways of looking at things. I believe that every person has a unique vantage point on the ultimate truth, and seeing what they see gives us another piece of the cosmic puzzle.

Like all people, I have endured my share of hardships. Most of which came from within my own self. I have wrestled with mental health, uncertainties about my identity/place in the world, excessive drug use and more. I struggled to get out of my head and accept my place in the world; living solely in my head proved to be very damaging and unproductive. I am incredibly grateful for all my experiences, most of all for the darkest of them because they forced me to grow out of my own self-destructiveness and become the person I knew I could be. Through these experiences and many others, I have gained what I believe to be valuable insight into the truth of our existence and the meaning behind it.

I’d like to reiterate that I am 24 years old, and while I know that I know nothing, I still think I know it all. So, if you would be so kind as to bear with me on that front, it will not go unnoticed. I do try to keep my ego from interfering too much, but it usually finds a way to slip in between the lines. Here it is now, defending itself. Hey buddy.

I know that life is always growing and changing and I have committed myself to the mastery of adaptation. I will not lose my sense of purpose, but I will allow myself to grow as the world does.  This is my journey, and if you are willing to join me, I hope to give you some positive insights. I want to share my piece of the cosmic puzzle with you.

For a more detailed biography, you can check out this blog post: https://granddeeds.ca/2017/04/15/my-bio-and-reason-for-this-blog/




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