When you set out to make your dream become a reality, it’s important to have a vision. Everybody knows that. You have to know where you want go in order to end up where you want to be. And to know where you want to go, you have to know yourself.

If you’re setting goals for yourself without knowing who you are, or while denying who you are, you’ll likely end up somewhere you didn’t ever want to be.

The better you know yourself, the clearer you can make your vision for the future.

Some people know exactly who they are and what they want without searching themselves at all. Other people need to dig deep.

Some people’s true essence is buried under a mountain of fake stuff. Some people have adopted false personalities to promote an appealing image, covering their true selves with layer after layer of attractive lies. These people have an especially arduous excavation ahead of them if they decide to get to know their true selves.

When you start digging and sifting through the piles of rubbish, you may find it difficult to determine which parts are fake and which parts are true. It’s difficult because a lot of the fake stuff we tell ourselves makes us feel good, and if it feels good we tend to believe it’s right for us. It takes a lot of vigilance and persistence to sort fact from fiction.

Trust your feelings.

If you feel that the true you is meant do to something, try doing it and pay attention to how it makes you feel. Be really honest about your feelings. Do you feel like you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing or does it feel forced and superficial? Be as honest as possible about your feelings, and trust them.

You have to know who you are. If you don’t know who you are, you haven’t spent enough time with yourself.

A lot of people spend more time getting to know other people than they do getting to know themselves. It’s not a bad thing to get to know people, but if you’re going to make a difference in the world, you’ve got to know who you are so you can do what it is you’re meant to do.

Know your strengths. Know your weaknesses. Know your passion. Get to know everything there is to know about yourself because that will give you a better idea as to what you are meant to do and how you can do it.

If you don’t know who you are, how are you going to make any sort of meaningful change?

Spend some quality time with yourself. I’m not saying you need to shut yourself off from the world, but you need to spend some time by yourself every day and see who you are during those times. Maybe write down some things about yourself or write about how you’re feeling. Do whatever you can to find out more about yourself.

When you’ve really gotten to know yourself, then you’ve got to be honest with yourself. You’ve got to be true to who you are. Don’t plug your life up with superficial nonsense. Don’t do something because it sounds good or it looks good, do what feels right. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Be true to yourself. Let your true essence shine through in everything you do. Let it empower you.

That essence is exactly who you are, it’s the strongest and most important part of you. Give it your full attention. Listen to it. It knows what it has to do. Take its advice and train the rest of you to follow its direction.

When you truly know yourself and honour your feelings, you’ll end up exactly where you’re meant to be.


If you liked this article, check out some of my similar work here: https://granddeeds.ca/2017/04/14/making-conscious-decisions/

2 thoughts on “Why it is Crucial to Know Yourself

  1. This is well-written and on target. Most of us in recovery heard from family and friends, “Just look at your…behaviors, thoughts, actions, or attitudes” and so detested what we saw, that when we got into recovery, and people in recovery support meetings told us to look at ourselves, many of us were initially afraid. 28 years ago, I looked. Granted, some of the aspects I found definitely needing changing. However, others just need more time, energy and attention given to them so I could become a better person. I still write about transforming. You’ve done a good job on the “why” and “how”. Sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the encouraging comment, Marilyn! I am still young but have found it can be exceedingly difficult to take a critical look at ourselves without becoming self-loathing. It is scary to face ourselves and everything we’ve become sometimes, but it is a necessary step on the journey to recovery. I truly appreciate the feedback, especially such insightful feedback!
      Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!


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