Staying positive is a very challenging thing to do in our day-to-day lives. We must be conscious and vigilant to keep the negativity at bay. If we aren’t tapped into our awareness, negativity can seep into our minds and run amok.

There are many different methods we use to try to maintain a positive mind-set throughout our day, some are helpful and some are hurtful.

Some people think that the best way to protect themselves from negativity is to cut out all the “negative” people from their lives. Makes sense, right? There’s a person with negative energy, get them out of your life and you’ll be free of that negativity. It sounds good, but it’s not a sustainable solution.

You may cut out one negative person, but you will soon be faced with another, and another, and another. There is no shortage of negative people in this world. You will constantly be letting people in and cutting them out, battling negativity all your life without ever truly escaping it.

We can’t make other people responsible for our state-of-mind. If we don’t fix the issues within, the issues without will never go away.

Another way people try to maintain their positive mind-set is by protecting it obsessively. They build these mental dams around their positive thoughts in the hopes that the negativity will crash against the barriers and wash away.

This is not a positive mind, it’s a fearful one.

This is another unsustainable solution. If we are so worried about losing our positive mind-set that we desperately fortify our minds to protect it, we can’t be happy. We’re not at peace. We’re certainly not relaxed. We will quickly find ourselves exhausted, unable to fend off all the negativity.

The best way to maintain a positive mind-set is to accept the things that we cannot change.

We can’t stop people from being negative. We can’t keep every negative feeling from entering our sub-conscious mind. The only thing we have control over is our reaction to these situations.

Instead of focusing on getting rid of the negative people in your life, focus on how you can deal with these types of people without taking on their negative energy. The stronger you are mentally, the less effect negative people will have over you.

Instead of trying to protect your positive thoughts, let them flow freely. Negative thoughts are going to come through our mind, we can’t change that. We can change how we react to these thoughts, however. Don’t fight the negativity, just be aware of it. By observing these thoughts and letting them go, we limit their power over us. By fighting them, we draw focus on them which extends their life expectancy.

The only way that the negativity of other people can affect us is if we start thinking those thoughts too. That’s the only way someone else’s negativity can affect us, if we take on that negativity ourselves. If we allow their negativity to have a place in our mind, we’ve needlessly allowed ourselves to be hurt by it.

Think of it this way, would you ever let the most negative person you know drive your car? No, of course not. That’s a horrible decision, they probably have road rage. Not to mention the insurance issues you would face.

It’s your car. It’s your life. You’re in the driver’s seat, you choose where you end up and what stops you make along the way. If you’re not in the driver’s seat, you need to grab the wheel and take control. You can’t let someone else steer your life. Who knows where you would end up?


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