No matter what we decide to do in life, we will be faced with obstacles along the way. Some are easy to overcome, others are formidable and persistent, testing our strength, courage and determination.

Whether we’re faced with a person who challenges us and tests our patience, or we’re faced with a real tragedy, we must approach these obstacles with the same mentality.

The most effective way to approach these obstacles is to accept that they are in your life for a reason. Understand that there is a reason why you’re faced with such a challenge. There is something specific that you will learn by overcoming this obstacle, some unique understanding or perspective to be gained.

When you start to ask yourself why you’re faced with a certain obstacle, you’ll begin to look at it much differently. You’ll begin to understand why you are facing this obstacle and why you’re facing it now. You’ll begin to think about what overcoming this obstacle would mean to you. You’ll begin to trust that it is specifically designed for you to overcome at this moment. You’ll begin to realize that it had to happen this way.

When you look at obstacles with this type of mentality, they become a lot easier to overcome. You won’t ever ask the question, “why me?” You’ll understand why it has to be you and you’ll be willing to do what you have to do to overcome it because you’ll see the value in doing so. You will start taking every challenge head-on.

Another effective way to overcome obstacles, especially when you’re on track to accomplish your dreams, is to think about what would happen if you gave up. What would happen to you if you walked away from a challenge? Would you get anywhere? No. You’d end up back where you came from. This can be a frightening concept to some people.

Sometimes, the fear of ending up somewhere you don’t want to be can be a greater motivator than the joy of ending up where you do want to be.

The final effective way to overcome obstacles that I’m going to list is a simple one. Just try it. Give it a shot. Why not? What’s the big deal? What do you have to lose? There are only two possible outcomes that trying will lead you to. Either you try and fail or you try and succeed. There is something to be gained from both outcomes. The only way you’ll gain nothing from an obstacle is if you walk away from it. That’s the only way it can beat you, by forcing you to quit. If you try, you’ve won. It’s that simple.

Don’t be deterred by obstacles. There is much to gain by standing up to them and nothing to gain by walking away.

Understand that every obstacle is there for you to overcome, an integral part of your growth and success. Have faith in what the Universe gives you. Think about where you would end up if you turned away from these obstacles. Have the courage to take them on. Have the courage to try and fail. You can gain something by failing, but you gain nothing by quitting.

You will never be given an obstacle that is impossible to overcome. The Universe does not make those kinds of mistakes. If it’s in front of you, it’s there for a reason. You have the power to overcome it.


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