If you are setting an intention or asking the Universe for something, make sure to be conscious about where that might take you. Oftentimes, it takes us to places we never wanted to go and forces us to deal with things we never wanted to deal with, like pain and adversity. We shouldn’t be upset when we’re faced with adversity because the adversity is part of the journey to what you want. It’s a necessary step.

A lot of people have a hard time dealing with the adversity because it wasn’t explicitly what they asked for. They asked to be a small-business owner and instead they’re riffling through stacks and stacks of paperwork and experiencing strong push-back from the city. Well, that’s part of becoming a small-business owner. This is what you asked for, you just didn’t outwardly express it.

We’ve got no problem setting these big goals but we fail to realize that wanting to achieve big goals means having to go through a lot of hell. We’re so focused on who we want to be that we forget about who we need to become just to be that person.

You might know what you want, but the Universe knows what you need. So, when you say you want something, the Universe will respond with, “okay. Then this is what you need to get there.” Trust that the Universe will give you exactly what you need and be grateful that you’re being faced with the necessary challenges to get where you wanted to go. Don’t complain about getting what you asked for.

Be aware of what it is you asked for and realize that the road to get there will likely look a lot different than you had thought. That doesn’t mean you’re not going where you had intended to go, it just means the route you’re taking is not the one you had planned on.

Don’t be deterred by any last-minute travel plan changes, remember that the destination is still the same, as long as you keep moving forward. If you turn back, you’ll lose the ground you covered and if you stop where you are, you’ll be lost. So, keep your destination in mind and keep moving forward.

Be aware of what you’re asking for because not only will you get it, you’ll get everything that goes with it.



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