There is a big difference between suffering defeats and being defeated. Being defeated is a state of mind, a way of thinking, or a belief. When you’ve experienced defeat in any way, it is an opportunity to get stronger. However, you will not get stronger if you accept that defeat as the end result and/or allow it to define you.

Defeat can be really hard to deal with, it can affect your mood and your outlook on life. It is possible to allow a mere defeat to turn into a defeated mind-set.

Defeat in and of itself is not a bad thing, it’s actually very helpful, it’s the defeated state of mind that is detrimental to our success. When you feel defeated, you feel like a loser. When you feel like a loser, you feel like it’s better to not even try. When you don’t try, you can’t possibly succeed.

We can’t allow that defeated feeling to overstay its welcome. It can only teach you so much. Get what you need from it and get it out of your head. Move on to the next one.

Defeat is useful. It can be used to bring you closer to your goals. A defeated mind-set is useless. It keeps us from working on our goals in the first place. How could you possibly be motivated to work on your goals when you’re holding onto the idea that you’re already a failure? What type of work would you produce with that mind-set, if any?

We need to be willing to suffer through defeats and to take on the next challenge knowing full well that defeat is highly likely. We need to be able to experience defeat after defeat without feeling defeated. We need to be strong enough to experience defeat and still maintain the mind-set that every defeat we endure brings us one step closer to victory.

I will never be defeated. Though I will suffer defeats, I will never be defeated.



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