When you decide to do something different, when you decide to bring out the greatness from within you, you’ll inevitably be faced with moments where all you want to do is give up. Moments where you’ve given so much already, where you’ve been grinding, working hard, giving it everything you’ve got, and you haven’t seen the result you’re looking for. These are the moments where a lot of us would want to give up. This is also the moment where it is crucial to keep going.

Wanting to give up is often the final test. The Universe is trying to find out if you’re strong enough to reap the rewards of whatever it is you’re working towards. This is a critical moment, you cannot give up.

And giving up looks good. Damn, it looks good. It looks more relaxing. It looks less stressful. It definitely looks easier. It is easier. But it’s not what you really want.

If you give up when you’re at such a significant turning point, all the countless hours of hard work, all the energy, time and dedication you put into achieving your goal, will be a waste. You won’t get what you set out to get. All you will be is tired, upset, and down on yourself. All that work you put in, which had so much potential to bring about greatness, will turn into a fruitless labour.

From what I’ve experienced, wanting to give up, I mean really wanting to give up, is a clear sign that something great is just around the corner. It is the final test. And if you keep pushing through that defeated feeling, you will get there. If you do give up, however, you will never see it. It will have been right in front of you, just past all your doubt and exhaustion, and you will have let it slip through your fingers.

The moment where you want to give up is the same moment where you need to force yourself to keep going. You’ve nearly reached a significant milestone.

If you feel like all you want to do is give up, you’re almost there.

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