Victimhood is trending. A lot of people nowadays are actively looking for ways to play the victim card as a means to acquire something without working for it, or simply to get attention in the form of pity and sympathy.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

This isn’t to say that real victims don’t exist, they do. The problem arises when people seek to play the victim because it makes them feel as if their life has value. By playing the victim, you’re trying to tell yourself and the world that you are valuable enough to garner attention and sympathy.

Again, I’m not saying that victims are full of crap. There are real victims out there. I simply have a problem with the mentality that a lot of people hold regarding victims. My mind-set is that if you have been a victim of anything in your life, and have lived to talk about it, that you’re not a victim at all, you’re a survivor. Survivors are strong. Survivors are resilient. Holding the belief that you’re a victim is not empowering, holding the belief that you are a survivor is empowering.

If you survived something traumatic, that experience can significantly benefit you if you have the proper mind-set. It can strengthen you and take you to a new level that you never would’ve reached without having gone through what you went through. However, if you go around constantly believing that you’re a victim, it’s only going to do more damage to you and you will have wasted an extraordinary opportunity for growth.

The main problem with this way of thinking is that it is detrimental to the success of our society. When we buy into this mentality, when we encourage this way of thinking, we weaken the resolve of the individual or the group who has suffered a trauma; we take away their power. We tell them that life is going to be more difficult for them.

We are breeding a generation of people who will always need a helping hand and/or always expect a leg-up. Which is not to say that we shouldn’t support one another, we should, that’s how we strengthen society, by working together. However, we cannot strengthen a society by telling specifics members of it that they are inherent victims in some way. That creates a larger sense of helplessness amongst those individuals which creates a sort of co-dependency that is entirely counter-productive to the success of society.

We should be encouraging one another instead of telling them why life is going to be especially difficult for them. Building them up instead of affirming that they are broken or being broken down. Instead of telling someone why they can’t do something, we should be telling them why they can. That’s how we create individuals who are confident and self-reliant, that’s how we will create a self-sustainable and flourishing society.




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