Taking responsibility is difficult. When you take full responsibility for your life, you will become responsible for everything that comes your way, even the things you don’t want.

Many people don’t want to be responsible for the bad things that happen in their lives. They only want the credit when it’s positive, which is a false way to go through life. People who live life this way will praise themselves for the good things in their life and blame others for their problems. And maybe they’re right sometimes. Maybe they’re treated badly by other people, that might be the case. However, nobody is responsible for how you react to those people, nobody but you. Those people aren’t responsible for what you choose to do with your life, you are.

How you choose to act, to think, to be, it’s all on you. Other people may call you names and attempt to knock you down, but if you’re laying back and taking it without making a serious effort to change yourself or to prove them wrong, and instead blaming them for where you are – you’ll never change. Not only that but you will be proving the naysayers right, becoming exactly what they said you were. They’re not responsible for the success in your life, you are. It’s how you respond to their negativity that shows the strength of your character.

You are the only one responsible for where you are in life. You’ve created the life you’re living now. Whether by conscious decision or indifferent acceptance, everything in your life is here because you allowed it on some level.

When you take responsibility you regain control over your life.

If you feel like you are being held back, look within at what’s holding you back. There is nothing outside of you that could possibly hold you back from having what you want in life. There may be challenges and obstacles, you may experience setbacks, but that’s not what is holding you back. In fact, those are the things that are meant to propel you forward, to strengthen you.

Did you really think that you were ready to be this great person you’ve envisioned yourself being? You’re not. Not yet. You need to be tested. You need to be stretched to your limits and beyond. You need to prove to the Universe that you are worthy of being successful. You need to be shaped and molded to fit into this image of greatness that you have created for yourself. The obstacles and challenges are there to do just that. They’re trying to help you to achieve your goals. You should be thanking them, not blaming them.

When you decide to be responsible for everything that happens to you, though it may be difficult at first, you will eventually start feeling great. You’ll feel like you actually have a say in the outcome of your life. It’s empowering.

So now what? Now what are you going to do? Are you going to keep blaming outside forces for where you are in life and continue being a victim of the system? Or are you going to take responsibility for your life and make it happen for yourself?

You need to take charge of your life before someone else does. Take responsibility. Own your life. It’s only you here.

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