Indecisiveness is a plague on success. When we have trouble making important decisions about the direction of our life, we relinquish control over the outcome. If we don’t make conscious decisions about where we want to go in life, we will likely end up somewhere we don’t want to be with no clue as to how we got there. In order to regain control over the direction of our lives, we must become conscious about our decision-making.

Most decisions are made on auto-pilot, which works for most decisions we make. A lot of the decisions we make don’t require extensive analysis and can be made on a more reactionary basis. However, problems arise when we make all of our decisions on auto-pilot, including some of the most important decisions we will ever make, like choosing our career path.

When we choose to become more conscious about our decisions and really make an effort to determine whether or not a certain decision will be beneficial to us, we will start to notice drastic changes in our lives.

A lot of young people find it difficult to make decisions, especially important ones. They tend to turn to others for advice about where they should go in life and that could be dangerous. It’s dangerous because these other people don’t have all the information they need to make a decision like that. We can’t expect other people to know what the best path is for us to take. There’s no way they could possibly know everything about you and if they don’t know everything about you, they’re not qualified to be deciding what is right for you. There’s nothing wrong with offering support and guidance, but we can’t rely on other people to actually make those decisions for us.

I get it. It’s tough. It’s not easy trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do with your life. By the way, if you are struggling with trying to decide where you want to go in life, that’s good, it means you care about your life. It is a good sign if you are struggling with trying to figure out your life because struggle basically means you’re fighting for your life, fighting to succeed. So don’t be down on yourself if you’re having a hard time, you should feel good about yourself for actually giving a shit.

As to the decision making, it doesn’t have to be life or death. These decisions get built up so much in our heads that we become terrified of acting on any of them and so we remain stagnant. Just be honest with yourself. What is something you love to do, what strikes a passionate chord within you? Take your time. Think about it. When you think you’ve got the right idea, make the decision to step in that direction. When you realize it was the wrong decision (which is definitely going to happen, don’t freak out) reassess and make a new decision. It’s that simple. You’ll never know if something is right or wrong unless you try and fail or try and succeed.

Test the waters. Some people just dip their toe and decide if they’re going in or not, other people have to jump in to figure out if that’s where they wanted to be. It might take a little more time to dry off and warm up than if you just dipped your toe but who cares? At least you have a better idea of what works for you. Whatever method you choose, you will always have the option to reassess and make a new decision.

It’s not as scary as it seems in our minds, just take one small step in a direction of your choosing and see where you end up. If you like what you see, keep stepping in that direction, if you don’t like what you see, change your direction. The important thing is to keep moving, you don’t want to stay in one place for too long because you could end up staying there forever.

Have the courage to go out and see what’s right for you and the acuity to know if something is wrong for you, and if something is wrong for you, have the courage to make a new decision. You may find yourself in a line of work that you never imagined for yourself and absolutely love it. You never know. Just consciously resolve to take some steps towards something you feel strongly about with the belief that even if it’s not right for you, it will eventually lead you to what is.







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