Mental illness is highly stigmatized. It’s discussed very little in day-to-day life and when it is discussed, it is more with a tone of condescension than with one of compassion.

People judge those with mental illnesses very harshly. They make little to no effort to put themselves in the position of the person with the illness. This has a lot to do with the behavior of the person suffering from the mental illness. Often, these people act outside of what would be considered the social norm and the people who act within the social norms reject their way of being.

It’s understandable that people without mental illnesses are not too keen to associate with people who have mental illnesses, they’re just so different. People will mental illnesses usually see things from a perspective that is far removed from the social standards, and act in accordance with that perspective.

However, what is perceived as mental illness may not be a mental health issue, but a spiritual one.

When talking about people suffering from mental illness, we think of them as people who have issues in their brain, but that may not be where the issues are rooted. It might be the brain that’s having the most trouble dealing with this issue, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the brain that has the issue. It’s likely some sort of a Spiritual dilemma.

When undergoing spiritual transformation, or becoming more spiritually connected, we begin to look at things differently. We see things from a larger, more connected perspective. And when you start to look at life this way, your mind has a hard time making sense of it.

This is where the mental aspect comes into play.

Our minds want to create logical conclusions as to what is going on, endlessly seeking to make sense of this confusing world, and when something as illogical as Spirit is strongly introduced, it can have a difficult time accepting it.

Our brain is only doing its best to rationalize what our Spirit is going through, it wants to somehow make it logical and understandable. This creates a sort of static energy, with two powerful forces battling against one another to prove the other wrong. And you are caught in the middle.

I believe that our Spirit is wiser and more innately intuitive than our minds. Think about it, if our Spirit is eternal and our brain is only as old as our body is, how much can our brain really know? Our brain is still learning what our Spirit has always known.

The brain relies on its experiences for its knowledge, while spirit relies on its divine connection to Source.

Your Spirit is channeling energy into your being, and while it may not be new energy, it’s certainly new to your brain. The logical aspect of your mind will be hard-pressed to find the reason behind this energy and it could very well drive itself crazy searching for the answer.

With your brain telling you one thing and your spirit another, you can easily get swallowed up in the vortex of these differing energies and lose your sense of reality. You could find yourself disconnected from both your mind and your spirit and feel like you’re living life as a shell of who you are. Aimless, afraid and alone. It’s in this state that ‘mental illness’ finds a home.

Our Spirit must be allowed the space to channel its energy, it is a huge part of who we are and we owe it to ourselves to let this part be known. However, our mind is also important, not as important as the egotistical aspect of it would have you believe, but it has a major role to play nonetheless, and we need to respect it.

We should be treating our brain with respect, but we shouldn’t be following its every suggestion. A lot of times, it’s only pretending to know the answers, when really it has no idea. Take everything your mind is telling you with a grain of salt; it is not gospel truth.

At the same time, we need to be kind to our mind. We need to allow it the time and care it needs to grow and learn new things. Our mind is only as old as our bodies and it can only gather so much information in that time. It needs to be nurtured, supported and guided along the way.

A lot of people face problems when they allow their mind to guide them, or when they allow their mind to make all their decisions for them. Most decisions we make should come from our Spirit, or our heart, not from our mind. We shouldn’t be following our mind’s direction; our mind should be following ours.

Let your Spirit guide your mind and let your mind fill in the blanks as you go, that’s what it’s best at.

Your brain is excellent at figuring out the logical next step, it may not have the base-level knowledge on where it should go, but once that knowledge is given to it by your spirit, it can help you to get there.

Your brain is powerful and its power provides the best advantage when it is given the proper information. If you think your brain knows exactly where it’s going and how to get there, you’re wrong. It’s your Spirit that innately knows your purpose, and you must quiet your mind to listen to where your Spirit is telling you to go.

Once you know exactly what you’re supposed to do and where you’re supposed to go, then you can enlist your mind to help you get there. Your mind will help you with the nitty-gritty details of fulfilling your purpose. Your purpose may not come from your mind but you won’t fulfill your purpose without your mind’s help. Both aspects are necessary in the fulfillment of your purpose. The problems arise when we misallocate the duties of each aspect.

Is mental illness really a mental issue or is it a spiritual one? The answer is: it’s both.

It’s a Spiritual dilemma which can cause mental disarray. The issue is multi-faceted and every angle needs to be examined. If you focus only on one part of the problem, there will be a whole other portion of the problem that will go unresolved. We need to resolve every bit of the issue to regain balance and every bit needs a specific tweak, a unique touch.

We must also have the courage to reach out to people, whether those people are family, friends or professionals, we must be willing to share what we’re going through and ask for help when we need it. We can’t keep it all to ourselves. Keeping it bottled up is the surest way to wind up exploding, and then you’ll have a real mess on your hands.

A lot of people will be going through a Spiritual crisis, slowly losing their grip on reality, and they won’t tell anybody. They will suffer in silence. This has a lot to do with the stigma of mental illness. But the longer we go without asking for help, the more confused the mind will become and the harder it will be to solve the problems.

The key is finding a balance. Your Spirit and your Mind alike have very important roles to play in your life, and each must be given the time and space to grow freely. Don’t give one more importance than the other. Both are required if you want to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Trust your Spirit and respect your Mind.

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