Fear is one of the most powerful emotions we can experience. Fear has enough power to keep even the most talented people from acting on their gifts. There is nothing more debilitating to your sense of purpose than fear. Once it is allowed in your mind for longer than it is welcome, it will begin to take root, and as it grows, it can slowly immobilize you. Fear can convince you that it’s better to do nothing than it is to act.

It doesn’t take long for fear to grow and find a lasting home in our minds. The moment we allow fear to stay in our minds is the same moment we submit ourselves to its paralyzing grip. Rather than facing our fears, we tend we turn away from them.

We don’t want to acknowledge our fears for fear that they will get stronger. We’d rather ignore them and pretend they aren’t there until they dissolve and our mind becomes clear again. But, if we ignore our fear, it won’t be going anywhere.

It may appear to dissipate, but it’s only lying dormant in our minds, growing stronger and more resilient.

The longer you sit with fear in your mind and heart, the stronger it becomes. The phrase, “idle hands are the devil’s play things” could not be more accurate when talking about fear. Doing nothing is the danger zone for fear, the conditions in which fear grows the fastest. The more you sit and do nothing but stew on your fearful thoughts, the more powerful the fear will grow.

Fear is natural, but if left unchallenged for too long, it can become wild and insatiable. It requires a response of some kind, and the best response to fear is action. Action is what cures fear.

Everything in your life is there for a reason, and fear is no different. It could be there to warn you of actual dangers, or it could be there as a challenge for you to overcome. Either way, some type of action is required to conquer that fear.

When fear is trapped within the limitlessness of your mind, it can become bigger than you. It can take on a life of its own.

I let fear settle in my head for way too long, too afraid to bring the fear out of my mind and manifest it. By choosing to ignore it, I gave it the freedom to grow powerful. It became something bigger than I could control. The fear in my mind was so powerful and so enormous that I believed if I brought it into reality, it would consume me and the entire world as I knew it.

It was only when I faced my fears and brought them out of my head that I realized how infinitesimal they really were. They were tiny. It was me who was big. Deep down, I was afraid of how powerful I was and how big I could grow. That’s what scared me the most. It’s certainly not what I thought was scaring me, but that is where my fear was coming from. I was afraid of living up to my highest potential.

Fear lives in your mind, it lives within the boundless reaches of your imagination, and when it has the freedom to explore the endlessness of your mind, it has the power to grow into anything. The human imagination can create anything if given the chance, and fear can conjure up some crazy notions if it has the time and freedom to do so.

Our fear is only powerful when it’s in our mind, when we take the fear out of our minds and bring it into reality, its power is significantly diminished.

Think about your dreams for a minute, not your goals, but what you dream of at night. While we’re dreaming, everything seems real to an extent, doesn’t it? Our dreams are believable while we’re in them, but when we wake up and step back into reality, we realize how unbelievable they were. Even our nightmares don’t seem half as scary when we wake up. That’s how strong fear can become when it’s stuck in our imagination.

Our imagination is truly remarkable. We can create anything in our imagination and if we remove ourselves from reality, like when we dream or when we get lost in our thoughts, our imagination comes to life. Only through action can we bring what we’ve imagined out of our minds and into reality. That doesn’t mean manifesting your fears and bringing the fear itself into reality, it simply means facing your fears. Taking action despite your fears is how you lessen fear’s effect on you.

Action cures fear. When we act in the face of fear, we bring it out of our minds and into the world. And things are usually a lot less scary in the light of day, aren’t they? You’ve to put your fears to the test. Bring your fear out of the darkness of your mind and into the light, and let’s see how terrifying it really is.

Everyone feels fear, but while some people flee from fear, others stand and face it. The brave and the cowardly usually feel the same type of fear, the difference is that the brave act in the face of fear and the coward flees from it. Have the courage to face your fears and you will see them melt before your eyes. Action is the cure to fear.

There is no way around it, if you want to kill your fear, you must act.

Bring your fears out of your head and into reality, through action. If you want fear to stop tormenting you, you must act. If you want fear to stop holding you back, you must act. If you want to live in your fear forever, do nothing. It’s that simple.

If fear is holding you back right now, I encourage you to take some action despite it. Find out what is on the other side of that fear. It could be just the thing you need to take you to the next level. Use that fear to your advantage.

Fear can become useful to you. You can use fear to push you to the next level, allowing it to force you to grow and adapt to new surroundings. If there is some goal or dream that you want to achieve and you’re afraid of taking the next step, just take that step. The fear is there to test you. It’s there to find out if you have what it takes to achieve your dreams.

Achieving your dreams isn’t as simple as having a dream or wanting a result, you’ve got to prove that you’re worthy of the rewards by facing your fears.

Over time, as you continue to act in the face of fear, you will begin to look at fear differently. You will become excited by fear because you will know that by facing it and acting despite it, you get closer to achieving your dreams. If something frightens you, you will want to act for the sole reason of seeing where it might take you or who you might become. You may even find yourself hoping that something will come along that strikes fear in your heart, just so you can have another opportunity for growth.

However, if you choose to not act in the face of fear, you will not grow. You will not get closer to achieving your goals. You may never change. If you don’t act, you will never conquer your fear and you will never achieve your dreams.

That should scare you more than anything else because unlike most fears, that is real.

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