Concepts and Ideas from beyond the Physical Scope – Putting your Spirit to practical use

Proposing ancient ideas in new ways to guide you back to the source of your true power. Sharing personal experiences and exploring mysterious concepts to uncover and understand the truth of who we are.

The Hand that Guides you

Choosing the right path in a world where walking the wrong path is encouraged can be very difficult. The wrong path does have its perks, but those perks do not come without costs; regret and disappointment. We must sacrifice the perks of the wrong path to allow the amazing gifts found on the right path to enter our lives. There is greatness in all of us but if we don’t choose to bring it out, it will lie dormant within us forever. When we choose to follow the right path, we bring out the greatness inside of us and all the right doors will open to us. Some doors may open to some terrifying rooms but that doesn’t mean we went through the wrong door. It’s just what is right for us in that moment. We may face adversity at first, but if we can push through that, it will get much easier. We are guided every step of the way. There is an amazing power inside of us and when we start making the right decisions, it will make its power known and it will guide us all throughout our journey. If we allow it into our lives, it will never leave our side.

Different but the same – Finding your own way

Though we are all the same, our differences are what add value to other people’s lives. Use your uniqueness to guide you on this personal journey. Finding out what makes you different will help you to choose a path that reflects who you are. The destination may be the same, but the road you take to get there is unique to you.